Friday, December 28, 2012

Some days .....

Some days, I wish I could be more like my cat!  Nice and curled up, sleeping in the sun!

I went to sleep last night feeling kinda sick - I was coughing, and my throat felt icky.  I woke up feeling about the same.

Now, most folks, feeling like this, would spend the day in bed - resting and sleeping.  But me?  Unfortunately, I've never been able to nap in bed.  As soon as I lie down, I'm wide awake!  And, of course, there's the tinnitus.  I have this horrible high pitched whine in my head at all times.  It's such a curse for someone like me, who LOVES peace and quiet!  It's about to drive me crazy.  I'm told there is no cure - but if you happened to know of one, please let me know!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mount Dora Update

Unfortunately, Hart & Soul (the shop that offers my things for sale) is closing next week.  But, the good news is that Under The Cherry Blossoms (another darling shop) is going to be selling my artworks and crafts there!

So, if you ever find yourself in Mount Dora, FL - please check out this cute store in the wonderful Downtown area!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home is where the cat is

Here's a little grunge art piece I made in my art journal.  It's a photo of me and our first cat, Silky, in 1949 (I was 2)!  I have never lived in a home without a cat since I was born - well, except for a couple of months in my early 30's, because of a boyfriend!  I truly thank my mother for that - I think that's why I've never had high blood pressure.

I hope you and your fluffies and furrys have a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Bamboo Tree .....

Since we moved to Florida, and left the grandkids behind - I no longer feel the need to "decorate" for the holidays.  In fact, usally, we treat Christmas like just another day!  I have this silk bamboo that I got when we first moved in here, and I started thinking that it would be fun to put some twinkling lights in it this year.

We live in a very small town - so yesterday, when we were at Walmart, I looked for some tree lights.  Of course, they were out!  So, then I decided to run to the Dollar Tree - and Eureka!  They had some little boxes of lights, so I bought a couple.  OF COURSE, it wasn't enough, and they were put together kind of strange.  So, off I go - this time to Walgreen's.  Yay!  They had a box of 70 twinkling lights AND they had the green extension cord, too!  Got home, and OF COURSE, only half of the lights lit up!  Boy, now I'm really glad that I live in a small town.  Back to Walgreen's, and finally got the right lights (this time I checked them BEFORE I left the store).  Then, OF COURSE, 70 weren't enough lights.  Luckily, I had the other ones that I got at the Dollar Tree!  Finally got them all hooked up and Voila!  Now if you look at my house at night, you could be fooled into thinking that I actually have a Christmas Tree!

After telling this story to my daughter this morning, she reminded me that this was why I never liked decorating in the first place! OF COURSE!

Friday, December 7, 2012

More Grunge!

So here are a couple of new little paintings that I finished today.  They're only 6" square with 1.5" sides, so they sit nicely on a shelf or bookcase.
I know that a lot of my friends and family don't care for this kind of painting - but I'm loving it!  They look old and weathered - and the freedom to not have to have them look like any one thing is amazing!  Who knows if this is something I will do forever - I just know that I love learning - and will continue to try all sorts of ways of painting, and see what sticks!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cactus and a New Idea

Last summer, my sister, Barbara, and her husband bought a home in Michigan, David's home state.  So now they are officially Snowbirds - coming back to Florida in the Winter.  So, she gave me her gorgeous Christmas Cactus last summer as they left - and I was sure that I would kill it before it got a chance to bloom this year.  My Black Thumb is legendary!  What a nice surprise!  It LIVES!  And, it has been blooming for a couple of weeks!

There are so many colors in this plant!  There are blooms in Coral, Hot Pink, Softer Pink and almost White at the bottom!

Now for the New Idea!  While I was making bookmarks, I was wondering what else I could use to collage on them.  Well, I happen to have a huge stash of paper napkins, that I love to use for collage - so I decided to try them on the bookmarks.  And, I think they turned out really cute!  Especially for those who don't like abstracts, but want to see familiar objects!  After I collaged them, I outlined some things in gold paint, and did some stamping on the backs.  They make me smile!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Bookmarks

I've been working on things for the Art/Craft sale.  Bookmarks are always a good seller, but trying to come up with an idea that isn't so labor intensive is tricky.  Cause, no matter what you do, it's hard to sell them for more than $2 or $3.

So these are only a 5 part project (on each side).  1.  Collage dictionary paper on bookmark stock.  Let dry.  2. Do other side.  3.Collage hand-painted tissue paper.  4.  Do other side.  5. Use stamps and paint to add dimension.  6.  Do other side.  7.  Cover with gel medium.  8.  Do other side.  9.  Spray with matte acrylic.  10.  Do other side.  And, of course, dry between everything.

I do love the feel of these bookmarks - kinda feel like shiny leather!

Monday, November 19, 2012


This is my second painting using the technniques I learned in Julie Prichard's class.  It's bigger, 12" x 16".  I sorta like it - it has the grunge effects that I like, but I think it's a little too rigid - too many straight lines, too many equal parts.  Gives me something to do with the next one!

I've been super busy lately - working on bowls and coasters and other things for an Art/Craft Sale next month.  Whatever doesn't sell then, will just go to Mount Dora, so it's a good busy!  Also, we're starting to work on the next Mystery Theater for church.  This time, I play the lead dectective (and Director), so I have more work than usual for this play.  But again, it's a good busy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lost & Found

This is my first attempt after watching all the videos of "Act Natural" - an online workshop by Julie Prichard.  She has many more that I would like to attend, so I just have to keep making money in Mount Dora!!

This workshop is a lesson in Grunge -- making interesting naturals - making it look old and used - minimalistic, simple.  I can see that I need to work on my brush strokes more, and probably should have added many more layers.  But, all in all, it's exactly what I needed to take my artwork in another direction.  This painting is only 6" x 12", but it's encouraged me to start working larger.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A True Adventure!


I named this blog "Adventures With Paint" because I envisioned myself on a journey, learning all kinds of different ways to put paint on canvas. Today, this became a real adventure. If you saw my post a couple of days ago, I started this painting with lots of texture, then adding paint. I was just at the stage of adding additional color.

And, of course, after I added the color, I HATED IT!!!!

So, today, this is where I began -- deciding to add some dark rectangles, like the guy in the book.  Taping off the sections, so the lines would be clean.

Well, that only works in theory (at least for me!).  My colors ran, but then I decided that I liked it and made them run more!!

 Once that was done, I realized that I didn't like the way I had made the colors follow the texture - so I decided to do some color blocking.  Of course, I can't paint (or draw) straight, so it all looks kinda wonky.

After working on it some more, I finally came up with something that I like - Imagine That!!  It's still wonky, but for some reason, it doesn't really bother me - I've never liked straight lines anyway!  Beauty is definitely in the Eyes of the Beholder!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Art Journal Open House

I've blogged before about this Collaborative Art Journal project, and today Nancy Moskovitz had an open house at her gorgeous home to show us the finished journal!  It was so nice to meet some of the other artists. The journal is stunning - and will be part of an art showing in Ocala at City Hall later this month!  Here are the artists that were at the party today - I photographed them with their journal pages.

Our Hostess - Nancy Moskovitz

Me and Gail (Our pages were next to each other)








Friday, November 2, 2012

Time to Learn!

I'm finally starting to play -- after reading this book!  I've decided to photograph the process - since I'm not sure how it will turn out!
So, here is the beginning -- I've covered the canvas (in this case, it's a little one - 6" x 12" just to try) with Light Molding Paste - the artist in the book used Heavy Gesso, but I don't have any.  I used a knife and a comb to make texture, then I let it dry completely, and covered it with a coat of  Gloss Gel Medium, then let that dry.

Then, I used a regular kitchen sponge - dropped 3 colors of  Golden Fluid Acrylics on it, and painted the canvas - letting the colors run together and made sure to get the color in all the texture.  When this was dry, I added another layer of Gloss Gel Medium.  Discovered that it was really fun to paint with a sponge!

So this is where I'm at right now.  I hope that tomorrow I can start adding in the cool colors and darks & lights and get this puppy finished!  You'll see it as soon as I do!

On another note - I was reading Seth Apter's blog, and learned of some exciting online workshops by Julie Prichard and Cris Cozen.  I know of at least 2 of them that I'll soon be signing up for - just as soon as I get my check from Hart & Soul!  I love it when I find some classes to take!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Etsy Shop is now closed

I made a decision today to close my Etsy Shop.  I haven't had any sales for several months, and since I'm doing so well at Hart & Soul in Mt. Dora, it just makes sense to take everything from Etsy to there.

There may come a time when I decide to re-open Etsy, and that option is always there.  If you saw anything on Etsy that you would like to purchase, you can still purchase it directly from me (or Hart & Soul).

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mandala Class

I finally spent time today watching all of the videos of the free Mandala class (see info on right).  It was a lot of fun to do, and very Zen!

I did this first one on plain cardstock - so I was only able to use the Pitt pens that I have to color.  I've discovered that as I age, I have trouble coloring inside the lines!  Maybe that's why I've begun to like Abstracts!!

I think I will make another one - probably in my journal, and then I can use watercolor paints, pencils and crayons for the color.

You can't beat a Free Class!  Give it a shot!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Done!

Finally!  I finished the other side of the journal page for Ocala's Collaborative Art Journal!  Now, I can send it off and be done with it!!  I tell you, I'm not very good at doing art on a deadline.  I kept changing my mind about what to do, so I kept on doing nothing!!  This morning, I went into the studio, turned up the music, and just let it happen!

I also just returned from my annual Kansas City visit with my kids and grandkids.  This trip was very special - my daughter and I went to my Aunt Arline's 100th Birthday party in St. Louis!  What an experience!  My sister and brother were there, my only uncle (my father's brother), as well as all my 1st cousins, and all of their kids and grandkids!  We hadn't all been together for such a long time, I didn't even know half of the people there.  Now, if I just managed to get some of my Aunt Arline's genes -- such a gorgeous and gracious lady!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ocala's Collaborative Art Journal

A couple of months ago, I was invited by an artist friend to join "Ocala's Collaborative Art Journal".  This will be a journal made up of pages by all kinds of artisits in this area.  I believe it is also a part of a larger, group of art journals.
Because I've been playing around with my own art journal, I thought this might be a fun exercise.  But, of course, it's taken me a very long time to finally get down to actually doing the piece!  And, I've only finished one side of it -- I still have the other side to do.  Lucky for me, it's not due until October 25th, and you can be sure that I'll probably not get it finished until that deadline!
It's one thing to make art for yourself, in a journal that only you (and a few close friends on my blog) will actually see.  But this is very intimidating for me, cause who knows who will eventually see this?
Oh well, the main thing is that I do it, and try to have fun with it!  I'll show you the other side when it gets done!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thinking of Daddy

So this morning, I was reading this book that I borrowed from a friend - trying to figure out what to do with those 2 journal pages that I started.  I enjoyed the way the authors used personal pictures and texts. 
I was reminded of a photo that I have of me and my daddy that I keep in a heart shaped frame.  When I was little, he would come home from a hard day at work and Mother would mix him a drink, and give me a soda. I would take his shoes off, and we would sit and cuddle on the sofa while he read the newspaper.  Great memories!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Worn Out!

I spent the better part of the month in August sewing coasters and bowls to take to Mount Dora.  So, I didn't have much time to work on my art!  I tried to go to Art Club on the 31st, but no one else showed up, so I went home (and continued to sew!).
So, last Friday I finally got to play with some paint!  Unfortunately, I got pulled away a lot, so I'm going to show you what I did.  Below, I got just a few shapes painted in my Flora Bowley abstract - I have a very loooong way to go with this canvas!

And, then, I managed to do 2 backgrounds in my journal - on the left, I tore some of the CitraSolv pages and glued them down (and, I have no idea what I will do next!).  On the right, I just painted some squares and rectangles - and I have no idea what I will do next!  Sound familiar?

So, I guess my goal this week is to do SOMETHING with these starts!  I spent the whole day today reading a book!  It felt so good to do nothing!  Hopefully soon I can show some progress!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

CitraSolv Play

Since we're supposed to get rain for the next few days, curtesy of Isaac, I decided to play with the CitraSolv technique today.  This must be done either outdoors, or in a well ventilated place (I used my garage with the door up).  I've been researching this via YouTube - but you never know what you'll get till you try it!  I learned that it needs to be on longer than 20 minutes, and if you can't separate the pages - and leave them alone till the outsides are dry, you get another interesting effect on the middle pages -- it turns very pale with a lot of big white circles!  Anyway, here are a couple of before and afters for you:
Two page spread before

And, after

Beautiful and colorful before

And after - it still retains the color, just not quite so bright.

I also saw on YouTube that nothing else does it - you have to use CitraSolv.  If you live in a large city, you can probably find it in a health food store or Whole Foods - but if you're like me and live in a small town, you will have to send off for it through Amazon.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Day!

Over the weekend, I received my new copy of Somerset Studio Magazine.  In it, I found a fab article about Kayann Ausherman - she contributed some collage pieces using Edgar Allan Poe as the muse.  In her collages, she used backgrounds made using CitraSolv on National Geographic magazine pages!  Maybe you have heard of this, but I hadn't!  So, of course, I sent off for some CitraSolv, and also went to her Etsy shop, and purchase some sheets from her.  I love the way they look!
If you look in the upper left/central part of this collage that I did today in Art Club, you can see how it looks.  I think it will be fun to make my own - can't wait for the CitraSolv to get here!

And while I was waiting for things to dry on the journal page, I started another canvas.  This one using Flora Bowley's techniques.  Right now, I've just thrown on color, and have outlined the shapes that I want to use -- next, I'll work in and around those shapes, and hopefully when I'm finished it will be beautiful!  We'll see.....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Blue Bird

After watching Donna Downey's video , I decided to give it a try!  So, here's the problem:  trying to use my fingers to paint on an 8" x 10" journal page is not as easy as doing it on a large canvas!  I finally just stopped, and declared it finished.  But, I did enjoy the process, so I 'm sure I will try again on a big canvas.

I am so amazed that Donna makes videos of a lot that she does, and most of them she shares with her blog audience.  What a gift!  I've even purchased some of her "Canvas Create" videos - it's worth every penny!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New Perspective

I just spent the better part of an hour going backwards in my blog, reading each one - and finally discovered the first post that I made about learning to paint with acrylics.  It was early August, 2010.  I can't believe that I've been on this particular road for over 2 years!

And, before that, I was consumed with Watercolor for over 2 years, and Oils for another year!

The time has certainly flown by -- and I'm amazed at my growth.  Never in a million years did I believe that I had an ounce of creativity within me.

I told a friend yesterday, that he should start a blog (he's just getting started learning Watercolor) - that when I started painting, I started my blog and that it's the reason I just keep on learning!  Even if no one even reads it, I do - and I am so happy that I did it!

I spend a lot of time each day reading other's blogs, and I am so inspired by them.  So, if you're reading this, thank you for encouraging me to continue this amazing journey!

Love Is ...

Well, I'm glad to announce that I remembered to take all my supplies with me to Art Group yesterday!  So the plan was to make this striped canvas - and then nothing!  I had this piece of paper that I had typed quotes about love and friendship on, so I tore out a heart and glued it on - then I had some washi tape that I haven't used yet, so I added that - added stickers and stamps, and I guess this it it.  Wasn't at all what I thought I would do, but it's done!  It did seem fitting to do this, since Bill and I celebrated our 21st Anniversary on Thursday.

Here is a close up of the words on the paper:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Trying to make lemonade

I was so looking forward to last Friday's art club.  I wanted to work on a canvas - I had a definite idea, and packed all the tools I needed to make the piece.

So, I start unpacking all the stuff I brought with me, and quickly discovered that I had forgotten the tub that had all my paints and brushes in it!  I live 30 minutes away - and just didn't think it would work to go back and get them.

But, I did have my art journal - and lots of other stuff, as well as a few little tubes of paint and all my inks.  So I just started playing with things, and here is the outcome!  Pretty tragic, but at least I did make something.  This Friday, I will be a little more dilligent!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coming Together

I decided to photgraph this art journal page in process.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

This is the beginning of the page - I made sprays with different colors and water. This first spray was made with Cadmium Yellow and  Cereluan Blue.

Next, I added strips of masking tape horizontally.

Then, I sprayed Pthalo Turquoise and Jenkins Green.

I put squares of modeling paste, and stamped them with plastic canvas for texture.  I stamped on punchinella with Stayzon with a sponge.

Last, I added color to the squares, put on the dots, stencil, and words.  Before I finished, I added some more white to the squares.  This is one that really looks better in person!