Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Bamboo Tree .....

Since we moved to Florida, and left the grandkids behind - I no longer feel the need to "decorate" for the holidays.  In fact, usally, we treat Christmas like just another day!  I have this silk bamboo that I got when we first moved in here, and I started thinking that it would be fun to put some twinkling lights in it this year.

We live in a very small town - so yesterday, when we were at Walmart, I looked for some tree lights.  Of course, they were out!  So, then I decided to run to the Dollar Tree - and Eureka!  They had some little boxes of lights, so I bought a couple.  OF COURSE, it wasn't enough, and they were put together kind of strange.  So, off I go - this time to Walgreen's.  Yay!  They had a box of 70 twinkling lights AND they had the green extension cord, too!  Got home, and OF COURSE, only half of the lights lit up!  Boy, now I'm really glad that I live in a small town.  Back to Walgreen's, and finally got the right lights (this time I checked them BEFORE I left the store).  Then, OF COURSE, 70 weren't enough lights.  Luckily, I had the other ones that I got at the Dollar Tree!  Finally got them all hooked up and Voila!  Now if you look at my house at night, you could be fooled into thinking that I actually have a Christmas Tree!

After telling this story to my daughter this morning, she reminded me that this was why I never liked decorating in the first place! OF COURSE!

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Joyfulartist said...

That looks wonderful, perfect tree for a grandma in Florida. I bought a little table top tree a few years ago with fiber optic lights. It works for me! I have back up decorations in case a kid or two is going to show up. Otherwise, I'm content not to do everything up.