Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cactus and a New Idea

Last summer, my sister, Barbara, and her husband bought a home in Michigan, David's home state.  So now they are officially Snowbirds - coming back to Florida in the Winter.  So, she gave me her gorgeous Christmas Cactus last summer as they left - and I was sure that I would kill it before it got a chance to bloom this year.  My Black Thumb is legendary!  What a nice surprise!  It LIVES!  And, it has been blooming for a couple of weeks!

There are so many colors in this plant!  There are blooms in Coral, Hot Pink, Softer Pink and almost White at the bottom!

Now for the New Idea!  While I was making bookmarks, I was wondering what else I could use to collage on them.  Well, I happen to have a huge stash of paper napkins, that I love to use for collage - so I decided to try them on the bookmarks.  And, I think they turned out really cute!  Especially for those who don't like abstracts, but want to see familiar objects!  After I collaged them, I outlined some things in gold paint, and did some stamping on the backs.  They make me smile!