Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Morning Visitor

At about 7 am, Barney was barking wildly at the front window. At first, I couldn't see what he was so upset about, but then - there it was! This little deer stood there and started eating the fruit off of the loquat tree. (I hope he spit out the seeds - they're poisonous!) I ran to get my camera, and carefully opened the front door and took this shot. Of course, it scared the poor thing off.

I've been thinking of putting some deer food in my back yard - far away from the house. We have several deer that roam the neighborhood (there's a lot of wooded areas here). I'd love to have these little guys come by every morning and get some nourishment. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Is it a good or bad idea? BTW - I don't have anything in my yard that I would mind if they ate - no garden or flowers, etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Loquat Tree

This huge tree sits on my neighbor's property, but lots of it hang on our side - by the driveway. We've lived here for 9 years, and really never knew what the heck it was. There was a time when I thought it was a Kumquat - and I had tried those fruits, and didn't like them.

Today, a friend was walking out to her car, and spotted the tree and immediately went over and plucked a couple off and popped them in her mouth! She said they were so yummy! I asked her what they were, and she said she wasn't sure, but thought they might be a Loquat. So, I tried one, and was pleasantly surprised! Looked them up online, and sure enough, it's a Loquat Tree!

For years, the fruit on this tree has just rotted and fallen on the ground! Now, I think we just might have to start harvesting it. I know my neighbors never pick it, so I don't think they would care much. Can't believe it took so long to find out what it was!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paper Painting

So, I told you that I ordered a DVD from Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. WOW! Is this so much fun! First, I prepared a wood panel (12" square - 1/2" deep), then drew and painted my sunflower with acrylic paints. Then, I tore up little pieces of painted paper (and other papers) and glued them on with gloss gel medium. I left some of the background un-collaged, but the total sunflower is covered with collage! I think it really makes the painting POP! So, I have named this first attempt, "SunPOWer"!
Since I have four of the panels, I think I will try to do 3 more flower collages - and see what's what!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy Spring!

I planted some Jasmine several years ago, so that it would wind up the railing on our front steps. Usually, it doesn't bloom until June, but this year - it was in full bloom this week!

What's going on? Everything seems out of whack lately. Some things are blooming when they shouldn't and some things aren't blooming at all! GRRR - gardening just isn't for me!

My brother and his fiance will be here in a little over a week, and I was hoping that the Jasmine would still be in bloom (it smells just heavenly when you walk up the steps) - but I guess that would be too much to ask!

In painting news : I haven't been doing much of that lately -- kind been in a slump. Then, I found Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, and ordered her DVD, and now I've come a little bit alive! Can't wait to try her technique for "Paper Painting"! She lives in the Orlando area, so maybe I'll get lucky and be able to attend one of her workshops. More on that later!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kitty Party!

So today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! I came home from taking Barney to the groomer, and the cats were having a party in the driveway! Clockwise, from top: Ziggy, Penny (my 2 cats) and the neighboring Max.

I've just started letting my kitties go outside - they just love it! They wear collars, and have their claws - and they're pretty good (so far) about staying close and coming back in after a little while. Max comes around daily to check them out! He used to have to talk to them outside the pool screen, but now he gets to lay around with them. I think he likes it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dorothy's Wild Ride!

Acrylic & Collage - 12" x 16"

Here's the latest collage that I've been working on. I'm not sure if it's finished yet. I'll be looking at it for awhile before I decide what to do next on it.

I grew up in Kansas (Liberal, Kansas actually) and we've always been obsessed with all things Oz - in fact, Liberal has a Wizard of Oz museum! I found this old book in one of the antique stores here in town, and just had to do my part to make art out of Dorothy!