Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Sing Me Home"

8" x 8" Collage on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I was inspired to make this collage after I saw some similar pieces in a gift shop.  After making it, I realized that I was also inspired by all the Encaustic Art that I've been seeing lately.  I really wanted it to have that hazy, dreamy quality, but didn't know exactly how to get it.

So, of course, I had to find out all about this wax-using art form!  I've been reading every book I can find on the subject, and watching every YouTube video there is on encaustic.  I'm finally ready to bite the $$ bullet and just go for it!

My goal is to make some small encaustic works that I can sell in Mount Dora (that's always my end-game!).  I've got so many ideas in my head that I'm about to explode!  But, I've never even seen an encaustic piece in person, so I don't know how it would ship -  or how it would look in a shop setting.   I hope it works, cause it is an expensive undertaking.  Stay tuned............