Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New Perspective

I just spent the better part of an hour going backwards in my blog, reading each one - and finally discovered the first post that I made about learning to paint with acrylics.  It was early August, 2010.  I can't believe that I've been on this particular road for over 2 years!

And, before that, I was consumed with Watercolor for over 2 years, and Oils for another year!

The time has certainly flown by -- and I'm amazed at my growth.  Never in a million years did I believe that I had an ounce of creativity within me.

I told a friend yesterday, that he should start a blog (he's just getting started learning Watercolor) - that when I started painting, I started my blog and that it's the reason I just keep on learning!  Even if no one even reads it, I do - and I am so happy that I did it!

I spend a lot of time each day reading other's blogs, and I am so inspired by them.  So, if you're reading this, thank you for encouraging me to continue this amazing journey!


Barbra Joan said...

Yes!!! I'm encouraging you !
Keep doing what ever it is you want to do... You always had that 'spark' and that passion for creating.. You just never knew it ! Barbra Joan

Nancy Eaton said...

Thank you, my dear! Having you as a friend has made all this worthwhile!