Monday, November 19, 2012


This is my second painting using the technniques I learned in Julie Prichard's class.  It's bigger, 12" x 16".  I sorta like it - it has the grunge effects that I like, but I think it's a little too rigid - too many straight lines, too many equal parts.  Gives me something to do with the next one!

I've been super busy lately - working on bowls and coasters and other things for an Art/Craft Sale next month.  Whatever doesn't sell then, will just go to Mount Dora, so it's a good busy!  Also, we're starting to work on the next Mystery Theater for church.  This time, I play the lead dectective (and Director), so I have more work than usual for this play.  But again, it's a good busy!

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Joyfulartist said...

With all you do I don't know when you get time to paint! Do you sleep? I love that grunge look in the absracts, too. Just keep exploring and painting and having fun.