Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coming Together

I decided to photgraph this art journal page in process.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

This is the beginning of the page - I made sprays with different colors and water. This first spray was made with Cadmium Yellow and  Cereluan Blue.

Next, I added strips of masking tape horizontally.

Then, I sprayed Pthalo Turquoise and Jenkins Green.

I put squares of modeling paste, and stamped them with plastic canvas for texture.  I stamped on punchinella with Stayzon with a sponge.

Last, I added color to the squares, put on the dots, stencil, and words.  Before I finished, I added some more white to the squares.  This is one that really looks better in person!


Joyfulartist said...

I like it a lot! It really has depth and the colors are great!

Barbra Joan said...

Nancy, you are going great guns with this mixed media.. and your darned good at it too...
I linked onto Donna Downeys site.
wow... I'm not into that kind of journaling, but still making my small themed hand made ones.. it's what I enjoy and even sold...
what kind of book are you using ..?? sketch book? moleskine?

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks, BJ, I'm using a Multi-Media book - it's made for wet media - but I always Gesso it first.

Barbra Joan said...

Well, it's looking really good.
I think I know the book.... blue cover.. I use their watercolor paper for small things.. I think its cansons...... BJ