Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bowl Making Day

I've been having such good luck selling my fabric bowls, coasters and trivets at Under the Cherry Blossoms in Mount Dora!  I just sent a box of things down yesterday, and had to get busy and make some more to send next week!  My goal is to get my inventory up, and then make more and stock them, so that when they're needed, I'll have them on hand.  It's very stressful to have to make stuff on demand!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Be Bold!

Started working on some new 6" square collages for the Mount Dora shop.  Thinking of a series of "Being" collages, aimed at young girls and women.  We'll see how they work out.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crazy Week!

First off, this is the only "art" I've been able to do during the last week!  More bookmarks made with deli paper and the Gelli printing plate.

We took a little day trip to Mount Dora on the 8th - and the girls from "Under the Cherry Blossoms" called me Sunday to let me know that they had sold quite a bit of my fabric bowls, etc. over the weekend.  Nice!  Then, on Monday, the VA Hospital called to let Bill know that he would be having cataract surgery on Friday, the 15th - and had to come to do pre-op on Wednesday, the 13th, so 2 of our days for last week were spent cooling our heels at the VA!

I had been trying to sew more bowls and things for Mount Dora - and they contacted me again on Saturday to let me know that a lot more things had been selling - and now it's critical that I send more stuff down! Oh, what a burden!  (Tongue in cheek!)  So, this weekend has been spent making things that are not art - but sewing.  I feel like a hamster in a wheel!  But, it's all good - hopefully, I can get caught up, and then I can get some new artwork done to send down there!  I'm scheduled to do a collage class there on March 2, but haven't gotten enough students signed up, so that may not be a go.  Back to the sewing machine I go!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Other Sister

Meet Lynn - the other sister at "Under The Cherry Blossoms" in Mount Dora!  Bill and I took Barney today for a little trip, and to do some inventory work.  I tell you, these girls Rock!  I've had so much luck selling my things in their store - I just love their vibe!

To be fair, if it weren't for Brigett at Hart & Soul, I wouldn't even be selling in Mount Dora.  She did a tremendous job for me, and I'm sorry that her shop didn't work out.  I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A gelli print and some bookmarks

I was wondering what bookmarks would look like made out of my gelli prints.  So I made some, and I think they look great!  There is a layer of dictionary paper under neath the print - and since the prints are made with deli paper, you can see bits and pieces of it.

I've only been using 2 steps in my gelli printing so far.  The first layer is textured color, and then I put on masks and stencils for the 2nd layer.  I've been trying to keep it simple, so I could use smaller portions of the print for the bookmarks.  I really love the new print - it has a layer of coppery metalic on it.  I'm anxious to cut it up!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gelli Mono Prints

So, here's the first two mono prints that I made using the Gelli printer.  I think it's pretty cool, but now I'm wishing I had bought the smaller size - 6" x 6".  These are 8 x 10 prints, but I think I can cut them up and use them in collage - in fact, I've started making some bookmarks with the 2nd print of the top one.  It's less vibrant, a little more subdued.  Of course, I can also print out smaller prints of these from my computer that are smaller, making the design smaller.  Oh, I think there is much more to be tried!

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's a Gelli day!

 Well, first up, I have to show you some of my azaleas that I cut yesterday.  They are blooming about a month ahead of schedule!  Seems like there's a lot of that going around.  And, I've got to tell you about the cool "jar" that they're in.  I bought this at Mount Dora - the top of the jar is a lid filled with holes, so it's so easy to arrange flowers.  Love it!

Today Bill had an appointment with the VA in Gainesville, so I went along - dropped him off - and went shopping!  I had just received my Gelli Printing Plate, so I went to Michael's to try to find some cool stencils to use.

When I got back home, I watched several videos of an online class on Gelli printing by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Looks like so much fun!  And, she uses deli sheets (which I have a million of) - and those make great collage fodder.  Now, I just have to make a little run to get baby wipes for cleaning, and then I'll start mono-printing like mad!  I'll show you some that I make later.