Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fuschia Darlings

9" x 12" Watercolor
This is another flower that I wish I could grow! I tried in Kansas City, but it got hot too quick, and they wilted. Anyway, I think they're lovely! I haven't been painting much lately -- I've been in the Black Hole known as Facebook! Playing games with my grandkids - and chatting online with them. How fun that is! This week we'll be back in class with Pat on Tuesday and Sue Conner on Friday - that should get me back in the painting swing of things!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Brooksville Art & Market Walk

Last Saturday, our watercolor club took part in an "Art & Market Walk" in nearby Brooksville, FL. Our browse boxes and cards were set up outside of City Hall.

Inside City Hall, our club is hanging framed paintings for the whole month of April. The Gallery is just amazing! The whole second floor is used for this purpose - they hang different artworks each month. This photo doesn't do it justice - there are over 90 paintings hanging in that building!

Down the street from us were all kinds of booths and artists - as well as street musicans!

And, there were 3 booths with artists painting in the style of the Florida Highwaymen. If you've never heard their story, it's worth a look - and their paintings were fabulous!

All in all it was a good day, even though we only sold a lot of cards and bookmarks!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All Out of Proportion!

12" x 16" Watercolor
I truly wasn't going to post this, cause I think it's just too silly --- but, here it is anyway! Several months ago, Pat took a bunch of pictures of us and told us we would do something fun with them later. Well, last Tuesday became "later". The technique is this: We divided our watercolor paper into 16 squares - but they weren't all the same size. Then, we took an 8" x 10" copy of the photo, and folded it into 16 equal squares. Then, we drew whatever was in a square to a corresponding square on our paper. Then paint! So, some portions of the photo are enlarged, and some are reduced! Had I understood what was going to happen, I would have a larger head and smaller body!!! Of course, I made the face not look like me!! It turned out to be quite a charicature!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Necessity is.....

Yesterday morning, I was getting all my paintings ready for my browse box. We're having an "Art & Market Walk" downtown in Brooksville, FL. So, of course, I started lamenting about not having a bag to carry my paintings in since my wonderful Macy's plastic bag fell apart during the last two shows. I've seen others with wonderful fabric bags, and I thought that would be nice to have. Well, Good Night! I know how to sew! And, as luck would have it, I had two pretty pieces of designer fabric that was given to me years ago.

Well, the next thing you know, I'm busy designing a bag - but, of course, I didn't have the stuff for the straps -- so, off I go to Ocala (30 miles away) to get some. Then, this morning, when I should have been sewing, I had to go to the grocery store - then lunch - and I was beginning to think this wasn't such a great idea. But, I finally got down to sewing around 1:00 - and by golly, I'd finished 2 bags by 3:00! Now I just have to clean up all the mess!

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anna Maria Island #1

12" x 16" Watercolor
This painting is from a photo I took on Anna Maria Island. My daughter and I spent a few days there in early March. It's such a lovely place - and really great for just lazing around. We did manage to spend a few days and a lot of dollars shopping in Sarasota and Bradenton, though! I love that we can do this every once in awhile - just the two of us, no kids, husbands or pets needing us! And, I don't think there is anything better than sharing a close relationship with a grown child! I wish it could have been a longer trip!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jude Caborn

On Friday, one of our members, Jude Caborn, was our featured demonstrator. What a delight! Jude divides her year in Nova Scotia, Florida and Cuba. I hope you will visit her website to see the exciting things she is involved in. I've gotten to know Jude a little more this year, and can tell you, she is one funny and ambitious lady! She had us all in stitches during her demo.

In her demo, Jude talked about her color palettes and the interesting things she has found to use as palettes. She proceeded to paint this scene and finish it in a little over an hour. I think it's delightful!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day!

Unfortunately, the joke's on me! I've come down with a horrible Spring cold! I feel awful and can't even begin to paint!

But, on the Good News front - I sold 2 paintings this week! As I mentioned before, my Tuesday watercolor class hang our paintings down the hall of the church where we have our lessons. This week, the church secretary asked to purchase the following two paintings. I'm so thrilled that they are going to a nice home! They had been hanging side-by-side, in the same frames. The colors in the paintings are very similar, and I'm sure that helped to make the sale!