Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Pretty Papers!

Last month, I subscribed to "Somerset Studio" magazine - and yesterday, I received this pack of 24 art papers in the mail! There are some really cool papers here to play with. That is, IF I ever get to paint again ....

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, cause I've just been to lazy to do anything! Then, last week, I decided to start a Prayer Quilt Ministry at church, so I made a quilt and got it all ready for church on Sunday. I also did a little bit of work on the "box"!

So, my goal this week is to FINISH the box! I'm finally past all the curly bits, and am now working on the top - the end is in sight! I truly think it is turning out great - but I will be glad to get it out of my house!

And, on top of everything else, my husband has some cancer in/around his bladder. So, we've been going to Gainesville to the VA Hospital a lot. He'll have another biopsy in early August, and then more surgery after that. I'm praying for a good outcome for all of this.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frustrating work

Ok, so now I'm at the middle of the box! And, I'm about to pull out all my hair! Didn't realize how hard it would be to try to collage around all these curly hinges! Well, actually, they're not hinges, just decorative things - but still! I was having such a good time with the bottom - it's all smooth, and just going around and around the box! And yet to come is the top -- it's got it's own set of issues! Please say a prayer for me!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another rainy day...

12" x 16" Collage/Acrylic on Canvas

So, last night when I was trying to go to sleep, this painting appeared in my head. Well, kinda. Anyway, I got up and drew it so I would paint it today. Now, in my head, it was different colors, and not quite so stylized - more free-form. But, you know how it is - you get started, and the paint chooses itself, and I decided to actually use a ruler, and drew a real circle... so here you go.

And, when I showed it to my husband, he interpreted it as something religious - well, it is a cruciform composition - but I only saw shapes and colors! I don't even know what to title it - so far I've come up with "Pendant". That seems to fit. (Actually, it looks like an earring to me!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

China Wok Collage

11" x 15" Collage

Last night, I put black gesso on this 1/4 sheet of watercolor paper. I knew I wanted to collage on it, but all day today I just kept looking at it and going away. I could not get inspired!

So, I watched more videos, and read more books, mainly Jane Davies' Collage Journey, and Sharon DiGiulio's Collage Therapy. I tell ya, it was the "Blank Page Syndrome" all day long! FINALLY, about an hour ago, I just went in and started! And, finished!

It started out as one thing, and ended as another! Per Jane Davies, I was going to make an all-over collage, then either cut it up into bookmarks, or find cool "little paintings" to then make into bigger ones. But when I got started, I discovered that this is an "all about me" collage. And, believe it or not -- I like it!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Collage Therapy Redo

I was searching in all my piles for some collage paper, and I came across these three little collages that I did back in March, when the collage bug first hit me. I never really liked them, but I didn't know why - so I just started playing around with them, adding some paint and some stamping - and some shiny gold, of course. Now I don't hate them quite so much!

The way they were

And now.

Since it's going to rain all day - I think I will get in the studio and play some more!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


12" x 16" Acrylic

I'm so worn out, working on the "box" -- I just had to take a time out and play with some paint! Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day in front of the computer. I did a search on bing for "mixed media" - and was rewarded with lots of little videos on different techniques! So, it got me all excited to get in there and try something!

This piece started out with gesso on the canvas, and drawing objects in the gesso - let it dry then play! I'm still not too happy with my results, but what I really need to do is practice, practice, practice!

So, of course, I went to Ocala today and stocked up on supplies and three new books! Good Night Nurse! You would think with all the stuff I already have, and all the books I've already read, that something would stick! Can't help it, I'm addicted to it!!!