Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gretchen & Haley

These two little ones are named for (and made for) my friend, Gretchen (left) and my granddaughter, Haley (right). I'll be sending these to them ASAP. Hope they like 'em!

I met Gretchen in Houston in the early 80's, and we were both in advertising at the time. We became fast friends, and even though I moved away in 1988, we have remained close. When I had my quilt shop, I would visit with her and her husband, Sam, every October during Quilt Market. I remember her visiting me in Kansas City during a snowstorm, and she walked our dog in the snow. Having lived in Southern California and Houston, she never really got to experience that kind of snow! Then there was the infamous road trip that she took with us from St. Petersburg, FL, up the coast to Destin. I got so sunburned, I laid in the hotel for one solid day! Fun times!

And, of course, when I needed a name that began with "H", who else would I choose but my wonderful granddaughter, Haley! I blogged a bit about her when she came to visit this summer, but I have to tell you I think she's just great! Just starting to be a teenager, so mood swings abound - but we had a grand time anyway! She loves to draw, and she was moved up to Art 3 (instead of Art 2) right after school started. Love her!

As far as the paintings go, these were done on 6" x 12" canvases, and now I know why Christy likes them so - the size is just perfect for these little gals. Unfortunately, they're not the right size for me to use them for cards - so I think I'll do a little creative cropping, and I think I can make them work.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two More!

"Emily" - 9'x 12" Mixed Media

"Francine" - 9" x 12" Mixed Media

I finished watching all the videos of Christy Tomlinson's SheArt Workshop. It was so much fun, and I learned a lot of new fun things! Now, my goal is to try to figure out how to make these into MY original artwork. I'm always excited when I get to learn someone else's art processes, but then I feel like I'm just copying - and I really don't want to do that!

Also, Christy does her art on 6" x 12" canvases. I ordered some and they just came yesterday. So, the first two were done on 12" x 12" canvas, and I didn't like it -- too much background, girls too little. These were done on 9" x 12", and I like them better, but am anxious to try the smaller canvases.

One way that I have personlized these little girls is in the phrases. I've tried to come up with phrases that express me and my life. So, we'll see how the next phase goes. I might figure out a cool way to make it mine - or, I just might change it all together!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


12" x 12" Mixed Media

Here's my next little girl - "Danielle". I forgot to tell you that the "Sisters" names are "Beth" and "Chloe". Do you sense a method to my madness? Also, I decided to include numbers for each one in this series. I think it will be fun to see if I can make enough to put on cards that I sell in my local beauty salon. I've had very good luck with my watercolor cards there, but I think it's time to do something different.

On another note, we had a post-op appointment for Bill today, and the news isn't very great. Looks like we will be seeing a big operation in his near future. I won't get into the details, but life as we know it will start looking a lot different soon. To his credit, I'm sure that HE can handle it all - I think I'm just worried about ME! Gulp!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


12" x 12" Mixed Media on Canvas

OMG! Two posts in one day! But, I started this one yesterday, and finished it just a little bit ago and was so excited that I just had to post it!

I'm still not quite where I want to be with this technique, but I have a lot of goodies coming in the mail that just might help me. And, I still have several of Christy's videos to go through.

I have a goal of making a lot of these gals, and I hope I don't get side-tracked by some other new, cool technique! Pray for me!


I absolutely love the internet! Case in point: Don't remember quite how I found her, but I did find Saundra Lane Galloway's blog - from reading her blog and comments, I then found Diane Salter's blog - and after reading some of her older posts, I came across Christy Tomlinson and her fabulous "She Art Online Workshop"!!

So, for the last couple of days, I have been glued to my monitor, watching videos of Christy teaching this marvelous way she has of backgrounds, textures, girls and words! While I waited for the videos to load, I went into my studio and started playing around in my art journal. So, the first of my She Art girls, "Anna", was born there. And, I'm not too happy with the background, but I still love her!

There is still a lot more to learn, but now I will be putting these girls on canvases, and exploring what else I can do for them. Stayed tuned!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Domino Pendant Starts

I must have been living under a rock, cause I had never heard of this fab craft! I happened to see it on Art Play Today, and instantly started researching! Most of what I saw deals with stamping, alcohol inks and lots of other stuff that I don't have (and can't get till I go to Ocala) - so I thought, "what the heck" - and started playing with my hand painted tissue paper. And, I love it! I can still stamp on top, if I want, or leave it as is. I still need to go to Ocala tomorrow to get the jewelry finds to finish - and they need a coat of gloss gel, but I was so excited, I just had to show them to you! And, I'm happy that I've found yet another thing to do with all the painted tissue paper I have!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Art Journaling

OK, I never saw this coming! On one of my art book buying sprees, I acquired the book, "Art At The Speed Of Life" by Pam Carriker. I read through it once, and figured that it wasn't for me. It was mostly about making an art journal, and I didn't think that would interest me. Of course, I was wrong!

Lately, I've been spending a lot on time on the computer, watching as many videos as I can on youtube. And, I got involved with a bunch on art journaling. When I was young, I never even kept a diary - cause I was afraid that someone would see it, and figure out what a loser I was! I had to have perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation. I still fear sending out a post or an email with a misspelled word! Heaven Forbid!

So, I guess you can see why I would be hesitant to put my art in a journal. But, now I realize that it's a great place to try out new techniques, play around with color and figure out how to draw. If I feel like posting it, so be it - but no problem if I don't!

So now I'm interested - do you keep an art journal?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vertical Lesson

11" x 15" Acrylic/Collage on Watercolor Paper

Here's how I finished the kite dilemma - I just added more paint, stamping and collage! I'm really having fun with this technique, but I'm anxious to learn more and do more! Through Art Play Today, I've been watching videos, and learning more stuff - which to me, is sometimes more exciting than actually doing it!

Bill's biopsy on Monday went well - we'll go back on August 25th to find out the treatment plan. We did discover that he won't be having more surgery. But they will be doing chemo to his bladder, and that should take care of it. Worst case scenerio is removal of the bladder, but hopefully, that won't be needed. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Beginning

Now that "The Box" has left the building, I thought it would be fun to play with some of the new papers that I got. So, I gessoed a quarter sheet of watercolor paper, and played with some paint, watercolor pencils, stencils and stamps to make a fun background. My intent was to then collage in a vertical manner on top of this beginning.

Well, I was having a grand time until I decided that the little boy needed a kite! After trying to draw and paint a kite - it looked like "you know what" (cows do this in the field)! So, more gesso has been added and I'll try to figure out how to save this piece. I really like most of it, so I want to make it work!

Tomorrow is Bill's surgery, so I'll be tied up all day. Hopefully, I can get back to it on Tuesday and magically, things will work out!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Finished!

Yay! I finally finished the box today! For those of you who have never used this particular technique - here's how I did it. First, I painted tissue paper with the colors that I needed. Then, I tore the paper into little pieces (usually about 1" x 2"), and glued them on with gel gloss medium, one at a time, overlapping - around and around the box. Going around the curly bits was tricky, as was going into each slat on the top. By the way, it took me about 30 minutes to go around each time. I was standing all the time, and it got so sticky I was constantly washing my hands! Needless to say, it was hard to do more than one round at a time.

Next, these are the letters that will go on the front of the box. I will let the committee chairman glue those on after he puts on the closure and the lock.

I'm Done!