Sunday, December 29, 2013

Making Washi Tape

Last night, I was trolling on YouTube, watching some DIY Washi Tape Videos.  I came across this one, and was excited cause the tape ended up looking like Washi Tape - and, I had all the supplies on hand! (paper tape - get this in the first aid aisle -, plastic placemat, straws)  So, this morning, I made some, using Lindy's Stamp Gang spray paint for the backgrounds, then stamping and stenciling.  Then, rolled each strip up on a straw!  How easy is that!
Now, I'll make some more, but I think I'll use regular acrylic paint for the backgrounds, to get a little more color on them.  But, I love that the sprays really keep them transparent.  I'll play around.
Anyway, I think you should go look at the video - maybe you can come away with something more to do!  Have fun!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

We'll be having a quiet little Christmas at home this year.  Just Bill and me, plus all the animals: Barney, Penny and Henry!
I hope the Season brings you Joy and Peace!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Art seems to be on hold for now!

As much as I would love to be working on some art, other things have been taking all my energy!  First off, I adopted a new kitten, Henry.  Here he is at the bottom of the tower, with my older cat, Penny, keeping an eye on him.  He's such a sweetie!  And, Penny has finally stopped growling and hissing whenever he is near!

Then, I went to the Quilt Shop to purchase some more Batik fabric for my coasters and bowls.  The owner showed me a huge box of strips of Batik (which is how I cut them) that they had from making some kits.  So, she offered me this box at a terrific price - how could I say NO?  Well, this has been the project from H**L!  So many different fabric strips - I'm trying to put them all together in baggies, but it looks like a never-ending nightmare! 

Then, of course, there is shopping for Christmas, and all the stuff that goes along with that!  But, I'm starting to itch to get back into the Studio - maybe soon!