Saturday, January 5, 2008

On The Fairway

"On The Fairway"
6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

I've started a series of smaller paintings (6" x 8") that will be for sale in "Tara's", a local boutique. Mainly landscapes for now, but who knows what I'll get into next!

A new golf course community is being built here in Dunnellon - Juliette Falls - and my stepdaughter's husband helped to design the golf course. They came to town right before Christmas so he could see the completed course, and they took a lot of photos they said I could use. I know nothing about golf, but I will admit that the course is really pretty! And, while everything else is dry and brown here, that golf course looks like it's Springtime!!

It's warming up here -- back into the 70's! YAY!

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