Monday, January 21, 2008

Frustrating Week!

I have no painting to post today. I started 3 different paintings this past week -- all of them are headed for the dumpster! Even Penny and Barney were bored watching me try to paint!

In Workshop today, I was feeling like maybe painting isn't for me -- I've hit a wall and decided that of course, I have no talent, so what did I expect? Thank God for my instructor angels and the other people in class! They very tactfully reminded me that I need to change what I'm doing and spend some time studying color mixing, drawing, and find some different things to paint. After all, you don't become a painter overnight! Did I mention that my middle name is "Impatient"?

So, hopefully, the painting I started in class today will make it's way to the blog in the near future! I really like it - it's nothing like anything else I've painted -- and it's got me started thinking in another way.

Thank all of you who have commented on my blog! I truly appreciate the kind words, and I hope that you'll keep reading and see how I progress.

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epearthrider said...

I wonder if you are enjoying painting as much as you are blogging ;-}