Sunday, January 27, 2008


"Another Day in Paradise"
10" x 10" Oil on Canvas Panel
I'm ready for Summer! OK, so it isn't 10 below zero - (in fact, it will be in the 70's today), but I don't like Winter, period!
When I moved to Florida, some friends asked me how I would live with all that heat and humidity. "Just Fine", I would reply! (Summers in Missouri are actually hotter and more humid than where I live right now) And, now that I have a pool right out my back door, heat is never an issue!
But, this year, the main reason that I'm so impatient for Summer is this: I need more inspiration photos to paint - and to save up for next Winter! I'm forced now to try to find photos in magazines - which is OK, but I would much prefer to paint things that I've actually seen. And, even though I'm in Florida, most everything is brown, and lifeless. I'll be going to Kansas City in May -- I'm already thinking of where to go to take pictures!
Workshop tomorrow -- hope I can find something to paint!

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