Sunday, December 30, 2007

Much More to Learn!

Well, here is my first attempt to learn "Plein Air" from Tom Brown's CD "Plein Air Painting Made Easy (for absolute beginners)". I tried to copy his, and made a mess of the colors. Also felt a little weird, since I would never see this scenery around here.

Hopefully, I learned a few lessons (especially about using darks!), and I've worked on a few more -- you know what they say: "Practice makes Perfect"! Yeah, we'll see! I don't have the equipment yet to actually work outside, so I'm using photos and try to imagine that I'm outdoors!

I've ordered another DVD on Plein Air - in this one, I can watch the artist work -- I think that might be better for me. I really learn better by watchinng than by reading.

And, I finally figured out how to resize the photo so that when you click on it, it isn't the size of Texas! (Hopefully!) I'm using a new photoshop: Picasa from Google. I really like it, cause you can change the lighting, and the intensity of the colors. I suppose all PhotoShop programs can do that, but I've never had one.

Well, back to the easel to try, try again!

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