Thursday, December 20, 2007

Take Deep Breaths!

Lakeside Park #2
12" x 16" Oil on Canvas Board

I received a wonderful comment yesterday from an artist whose work I truly admire! He gave me such great encouragement, and helped me to relax, and not worry so much about my "style". I guess it's really easy to get all caught up in "art" and forget that it's all about having FUN!

I did this same thing when I started quilting. Worrying that my quilts wouldn't look as good as someone else's -- worrying that I wasn't trying to do really hard things to prove myself (after all, I do own a Quilt Shop!! - I should know it all!!).

So, for my next trick, I will take deep breaths, smile a lot, and remember that it's only paint!

And, be happy that my dear daughter came through with several beautiful photos of the Monterey coastline for me to paint! Can't wait!

Penny says:

Oh Goody! Mama brought all these new toys for me!

Until next time - Relax a Little!

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