Thursday, December 27, 2007


"Monterey #1
8"x10" Oil on Canvas Panel

Actually, the title of this post should read: Rats!

You know, rocks are hard to paint! Luckily for me, I have 2 great instructors who helped me through this (I had already tried and failed at home) -- so all credit must go to them! I was a total mess at workshop yesterday -- I had a really hard time with this painting. And, of course, they kept telling me to remember that I haven't been painting very long, so I need to slow down and not to expect perfection yet.

Well, that's something I never use as a description for me: Perfectionist! I think I must have a different definiton of that word than everyone else. To me, it means that you MUST have everything perfect and in order. Truly not a definition of me! I think the word that most describes me is : Impatient!

Yes, I think that I am in a hurry to learn something new. After all, I am now at that age where I don't have all the time in the world - it's all downhill from here! I do expect that I should be able to learn certain tasks quickly, and paint pictures that are decent (and not too terribly embarassing!). But perfection -- I think not!

So, for now, I will continue to practice and hope for improvement!

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