Friday, December 28, 2007

Learning Something New

"Garden Gate"
8" x 10" Oil on Stretched Canvas

Do you believe that I tried flowers again? I like the flowers a little better here, but not too sure about the rest of it! Oh well -- I'll keep trying!

I bought a CD from artist Tom Brown on learning about "Plein Air" painting. So, I spent the better part of yesterday and today practicing his demos, and actually did one of my own (from a picture, though - not outside) This is what I've been dying to try -- I really like the looks of the "California Impressionism" that I've seen on the internet. Just wish I lived in California sometimes - they seem to have an endless supply of beautiful vistas to paint! Believe it or not, Florida is not the most scenic place on the planet!

I'm not sure yet how I like the ones I painted -- I think they look a little childish yet. Still working on depth of color and composition. I'll post some when they dry. They really do look different than my other paintings. I think I'd like something between the two.

Time to referee -- Barney and Penny are blitzing!

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Anonymous said...

Grandma; This is my favorite painting. Can you please send this one to me? Love, Haley