Friday, December 21, 2007

Morning Walk

Morning Walk
9" x 12" Oil on Canvas Board

I find it quite interesting how my thought processes have changed since I started painting. Every morning for the last year, I have taken my dog, Barney, out for our morning walk. I used to see how gorgeous it is out here -- we live in a development where all the homes are on 1+ wooded acres -- and how happy I am to be living in Sunny Florida. I would spend my time thinking about work, and what I had planned to do that day.

Now, I notice that I'm looking at the cloud formations, the way the sun shines across the road, and always trying to find a great composition to paint! In my mind's eye, I wonder how to achieve that perfect color in the sky or on a tree. I am seeing things in a whole other way -- and I love it!

Barney says:

Going for a walk with Mama is the best part of my day!

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