Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Olivia and Patsy

Olivia - she's crazy in love! And, I love her pink and greeness!

And here's Patsy, made for my hairdresser. I'll be taking her to Patsy tomorrow - along with the cards I made of all these girls!

And, here is the gift idea my friend Gretchen came up with! Now, if I can just find a place to put my paintings in, along with some of these flyers. I took them to church on Sunday, and got 2 orders from a friend for her granddaughters for Christmas!


Karen :) said...

Love these too! And I think your gift idea with these will do well! Are you on Facebook? If so, friend me (Karen Nelson Sanders) and I can put in a plug for you. :)

Barbra Joan said...

Great Stuff Nancy, I think these will do well for Christmas as well as cards, Good Luck with it..
hugs, BJ

Michele Oliver said...

Love your girls again. I wish you well with your endeavours with selling them. Great job.

Autumn Leaves said...

Wow, Nancy! These continue to be fabulous pieces and I am excited for all the women you have/are gifting these too. And your new venture is already off and running! Fabulous!