Monday, September 5, 2011


OMG! Blogger has a new interface to post on. I went through the whole thing, and my post did not post! I thought I was done for. After lots of searching, I did find out that I could use the old system - so here goes again!

So, here is Isabella! These are so addicting! It reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would design paper doll clothes out of old wallpaper books! I would have to have just the right paper doll - she had to be an adult, with her arms away from her body, and have on a strapless bathing suit. I was so picky! I wish I had some now to look at!

I'm working on Jenny now, and she should be ready by tomorrow.

I wish Blogger would quit changing things - it's very disconcerting for an old dog like me!


Michele Oliver said...

Love it, so very cute. Great job, I love how you use the alphabet to name them. Like hurricanes. Wondered if you would mind if I followed your example.

Sunny said...

Dont you just love it when blogger does that?? I had to go back and use the old one to edit somethings. Then switched again. Website geesh..
Your art is lovely and alive as always..

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks ladies for the nice comments! Michele - I'd be honored!

Autumn Leaves said...

I can see why you love doing these; they are just so fun and so colorful! Love all the textures and patterns too. I too used to design paper doll clothes. We were especially lucky because my grandmother would draw us paper dolls that we cut out and then began designing the clothes. One of my favorite childhood memories.

Barbra Joan said...

Cute cute, I love those bell bottoms. I used to do the same thing as a girl. Paper dolls, clothes I made and designed .. oh we are all made from the same crazy molecule. !! Blogger is a pain in the ass.! Period , over and out.
! BJ