Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mary & Me

First up is Mary. She is dedicated to my sweet daughter-in-law. She's a kindergarten teacher, so you know she has a lot of patience! She has been married to my son, Eric, for 18 years, and is mother to my grandsons, Alex & Zack. She's the perfect partner for my son - and I love her dearly! But since she is surrounded by all that testosterone, I thought her phrase should show the girly side of her!

And, of course, I had to make one for myself! And the phrase says it all: I do have a wonderful life! A great husband, 2 fabulous adult children and 5 grandchildren - what else does a girl need? Except more shoes, maybe?

My friend, Gretchen, came up with a super idea for me to make these girls to order for gifts. More on that later!


Karen :) said...

Love these! I think making them to order is a great idea!!

Autumn Leaves said...

Totally agree with your friend and Karen up there in the comments. Love your daughter-in-law's red outfit too!

Unknown said... these too. Making them looks fun, and I believe they would be great for cards, coffee mugs, many things!