Sunday, March 14, 2010

Perhaps to Pour

Last week I was blog-hopping and found Kathy Wirth. She has some incredible paintings done with a pouring technique that includes pouring frisket. After reading a lot of her posts, I found Stephen Blackburn, who teaches this technique - and immediately ordered his DVD. Then, on Friday, I went to Watercolor Club, where our demonstrator was none other that the talented, entertaining Jean Grastorf!

And, of course, this is her book on pouring!

And, one of the many paintings she brought along to share!

Watching her demo, I was sure that I probably had no interest in the technique - it seemed so painstakingly long!

So then I get home, and there is the DVD from Stephen. I watched it, and something got me excited enough to try! So, I poured the frisket yesterday and let it dry overnight Today, I'll do the first pours and see how I do. I really want to take a finished piece to class on Tuesday!

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