Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jungle Flower

I'm so excited! I did this today - and I think I love it! Below is how it started. I had poured the frisket and let it dry overnight. This photo showes how it looked after the 2nd pour of color - I used Aureolin, Quin Gold, Opera and Red Rose Deep - kind of following my photo inspiration.

Next, I started putting in some darks, using Permanent Mauve. I also removed the frisket at this point.

And here is the finished product! I'm sure I could tweak it some more, but till I take it to class, I'm not really sure what to do next. What do you think?

7" x 10" Watercolor


Autumn Leaves said...

Nancy, I think I love it too! With that first shot, I thought I was looking at a beautiful stormy sky with a streak of lightening! Then you panned out in your photo and I can see that this is a beautiful and most delicate flower! I trust your judgment when it comes to tweaking, but I think this stands alone beautifully!

Joyfulartist said...

This is really fun, I think I need to try this. Thanks.

Nancy Eaton said...

Actually, I'm thinking of doing a sky with lightning next! Thanks for the kind words!

Mary Paquet said...

Nancy, thanks for checking in on my blog. I've been so busy that it took a case of insomnia to free up some time to check out comments on my blog and visit my blogger friends.

You are really developing your watercolor style. This poured piece is fabulous. I think you done! Makes me want to try pouring. Like you, I just am not patient enough to do long and tedious processes, so I have stayed away from pouring.

Barbra Joan said...

OMG Nancy, this is just beautiful. Love the technique and your so brave to try a new one. I can see more of these coming!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Beautifully done! Today in class, Kathy Wirth worked on the hardest poured miskit painting yet. Check her blog progress for her coleus. And thanks for commenting on my blog, too:-)