Sunday, January 9, 2011

Single Pear Warm-Up

I received my new Cheap Joe's catalog the other day - and as I was looking at all the cool workshops that I will never be able to afford to attend, I found Robert Burridge. Oh man! I ended up ordering 2 of his DVD's (and had to pay a fortune for shipping). But, it's still cheaper than a workshop! Anyway, looking around at his site and Cheap Joe's, I got to preview some of his teachings. I watched him do 3 pears in a row for a warm-up - and loved the way he just slaps the paint on.
He recommends that you do this every time you start to paint, and I can see why! It took me less than 10 minutes to do this exercise. He shows how you start with a little sheet of gessoed watercolor paper, paint a circle and a triangle on top of that with white, then add the red and yellow and blue, and BAM! you have a pear! Next, I want to try his Circus Birds!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, I like your pear! Loose, colorful and festive! I'm interested to see how you like Robert Burridge's DVDs.

Autumn Leaves said...

Love the shading you've put in too, Nancy. I think this is quite a lively pear and one perfect for hanging in your kitchen! Nice!

Ginny Stiles said...

Hi I picked up on this blog from Barb Sailor's blog site. She and I have been blog-buds for over a year. I love your blog. I got to take a Bob Burridge workshop last summer. I got a scholarship from my WI art league and I lopped off one of the days (marketing days) and just painted 4 of the days and that helped cut the price a little too. Wow...what energy in that man!!! This guy knows how to market his stuff too and he's a fun teacher. I met a lot of good artists there! I am afraid that particular style is not me, however, but I did learn a lot just the same.