Thursday, January 20, 2011


11" x 15" Watercolor
Today in my watercolor class, we had fun with latex house paint - outlining the image, letting it dry, and then painting! I decided to do a simple one, so I could show the technique. I also have a companion piece in progress, of a hen. They will be Frank and Martha!
In other news - the church where I teach my class, gave us a Student's Art Gallery Wall! Some of my students are members of the church, so they get a lot of pats on the back!

And, speaking of my students, here they are! In the back row, left to right, are Jeanne, Judi and Gloria. And in front are Loree and Maureen. Great job today, ladies!


Barbra Joan said...

WEll Frank is just wonderful, and yes he needs a girlfriend.. Your students did a great job... and I'll write you an em .

Autumn Leaves said...

House paint? You are a true artist!! I love simple and rustic!