Monday, June 18, 2012

More Play

I painted another journal page today, using some of the techniques of Donna Downey.  If you notice the butterflies, they are actually an image transfer.  You coat the paper with gel medium, then place the images on the gel, and scrape with a straight edge.  After about a minute or so, you can lift up the paper and see if the images has transfered.  I still had to use my fingertips to rub off some of the paper, and it's always kind of spotty (which I love) - but cool!  Go here if you would like to print off a free butterfly image paper.

The flowers came by way of a new stamp that I got several weeks ago.  Then I just painted in the color.  I know it's all kinda messy, but I really like that look anyway.  It's so funny that Donna and I seem to love the same color palettes!  And, we both love "Drippies" and "Flicks" of color.

I'm really enjoying this process!


Joyfulartist said...

I tried the image transfer to some canvas that I had painted with irridecent medium. I put the gel medium on the picture I wanted to transfer but nothing transfered. Got any suggestions?

Nancy Eaton said...

I think it works best if you put the gel medium on the canvas, then lay the photo on top, then rub with a stick for awhile. I've done it with images from magazines, and you always have to rub off the residue before you see the image. Keep trying - look on YouTube for some instruction videos, or watch Donna Downey do it.