Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rainy, Dark and Dreary

 And, that has been what today is all about!  So, you ask, what have you been doing all day?

Well, of course, I started the day the way I always do -- checking my stuff on Etsy and playing Castleville on Facebook!

I stuck my head outside and decided that Barney & I would not be going for a walk, so I got to keep my PJ's on all morning!

Poor Penny wanted to go out all day -- but the rain just kept on coming!

 So, I spent most of the morning curled up on the sofa, watching HGTV and Lifetime Movies, and working on my crocheted scarf.

Then, I had my usual lunch, and caught up on some magazine and book reading!

Unfortunately, I never made it to the sewing machine or the studio!

WOW!  Interesting stuff, huh?  That's what a rainy day will do to you!


Barbra Joan said...

Yes, Nancy same here , rainy and in my PJ's .
I do like your post today, a peek into your Sunday. What I don't like is having to do this new captcha thing.. I find myself not commenting much anymore but of course your an exception. BJ

Kay said...

my Sunday was actually very sunny and productive for once. I think I spent all last week in my jammies..shh don't tell anyone!

Joyfulartist said...

Your rain yesterday was our rain today. It was not dark all day, though, only in the afternoon when I had to do my stint in the art league gift shop. It made for a quiet day.

Angela Sopranzi said...

Dear Nancy,

I found your blog of January 2010 when I was searching for Sue Connor. I heard that Sue had a stroke way back in December of 2010 or January of 2011. Her website hasn't changed and emails have not been answered. Do you know anything about what happened to Sue. I was fortunate to take two workshops with her and she changed my art life incredibly. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Angela, St. Augustine

Nancy Eaton said...

Angela - I used to go to the Citrus Watercolor Club, and knew people who were close to Sue. The last I heard (which was probably last spring or summer), she was slowly recovering - but she WAS recovering. I really don't know more than that, since I haven't gone back to watercolor club since then. You might google her, and find updates through someone else's blogs, though.

Yes, Sue was a wonderful artist, teacher and person, so I hope she does get to recover fully!

Thanks for your concern - Nancy