Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is my latest little 6" square collage.  For some reason, it looks better in person than on my screen.  Usually, it's just the other way around!  Go figure!

Anyway, the subject of "Family" is good today, because in just a few hours, Bill & I will be driving over to Orlando to meet my son and his family for lunch!  Eric won a 5-day cruise for his family at work (I'm so proud of him) - and they will be in Orlando, getting ready to go back to Kansas City later today.  I'm anxious to hear all about their trip and see some photos. 

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Barbra Joan said...

Nancy , how nice to have a visit with your family in Orlando.
Love the little bird collage and I see you doing such creative work with mixed media,
Good luck with the Etsy.
going to check it out... BJ