Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Dance

8" x 10" Collage on Multi-Media Art Board

This is the piece I was demonstrating yesterday in class.  And, of course, I'm not too happy with it, but it was fun to continue the little series that I have going on with birds and words.

I'm thinking of collaging on all the multi-media boards that I have - on both sides - and then making a little book of them.  Just punch some holes in the sides and add some rings.


Sunny Delight said...

I love it.

Barbra Joan said...

Little books of these would be so great! Do It!
I'm still trying to get the hang of decoupage, collage, and all the other ahges.
Yours are colorful, interesting and just plain good. BJ

Anonymous said...


It is nice to meet you!

Tht journal page is very inspiring!
I really love drawing.....

I am also your newest follower!

Come by and have a peek at my blog if you'd lik, I have a drawing post today....

Maybe you'll like it!

Ciao Bella

Bella Bliss