Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trying to save a life

Caught her yawning!
It's so hard to be a SuperHero! My neighbor has been telling me about this little cat since before Ziggy disappeared. She has been living at the Rainbow Springs Private Beach by the Rainbow River. My neighbor and a lot of other ladies often go there in the mornings to float down the river, and they bring the kitty food. They all have been worried about her, with winter coming, not very many folks will be going to the river to feed her, and there are alligators there, also. And don't forget the coyotes, foxes and bears!
So, when Ziggy vanished, she felt it was my duty to save this little cat. I went there yesterday, and the kitty was so sweet and loving - so I took a chance and brought her home. And now, she has decided that I am the enemy! Lots of growling and hissing going on.
I've kept her out on the screened- in pool deck, but all she really wants to do is get outside! This morning, though, she came to me and rubbed up against me and wanted to be petted. Progress! Then I let my cat Penny out and it was kinda cool. They just ignored each other till Penny gave up and came inside. Unfortunately, my dog, Barney got out and scared her to death! Two steps back. Now, it looks like rain.
I think it's interesting that she is a tortious - just like Penny. Except Penny has long legs, tail and face while this one has short legs, tail and a kind of Persian shaped face! I'm still trying to figure out a name for her. Sure hope she warms up soon - I'd love to get her in the house and become one of the family!


Autumn Leaves said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh I do hope she settles in quickly, Nancy. She is a beauty. Maybe she'll super bond with your husband! That would be lovely for both of them.

Nancy Eaton said...

Unfortunately, my hubby is not a cat person - he tolerates them for my benefit! I don't think he'd go out of his way to even pet her. She's doing better - I now have her in a closed sunroom, and let the other pets in off and on. I know she really wants to be ok, it's just going to take some time.

Joyfulartist said...

She looks like she has big stripes around her body. For some reason it reminds me of pajamas; could PJ be a name consideration?
My brother took in a feral kitten and just sat on the lanai everyday until she came up to him, gradually she let him scratch her ears and she purred so loudly it scared her. It must have been the first time she ever purred.

Nancy Eaton said...

PJ would be a cute name! However, my neighbor called and said that one of the ladies who fed her at the river wondered if I would call her Sheba - since that's what she called her when she fed her. So, I said yes - Sheba is her name!

Barbra Joan said...

Nancy, good for you! She is a tortoise . no white .. if theres white then its a calico... no matter , she is going to be a wonderful cat.. it takes time when they've lived outside .. 2 of my 3 were like that, and now sleep wherever the heck they want. but never outside ,, that's a no no,..
hugs, BJ