Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gretchen & Haley

These two little ones are named for (and made for) my friend, Gretchen (left) and my granddaughter, Haley (right). I'll be sending these to them ASAP. Hope they like 'em!

I met Gretchen in Houston in the early 80's, and we were both in advertising at the time. We became fast friends, and even though I moved away in 1988, we have remained close. When I had my quilt shop, I would visit with her and her husband, Sam, every October during Quilt Market. I remember her visiting me in Kansas City during a snowstorm, and she walked our dog in the snow. Having lived in Southern California and Houston, she never really got to experience that kind of snow! Then there was the infamous road trip that she took with us from St. Petersburg, FL, up the coast to Destin. I got so sunburned, I laid in the hotel for one solid day! Fun times!

And, of course, when I needed a name that began with "H", who else would I choose but my wonderful granddaughter, Haley! I blogged a bit about her when she came to visit this summer, but I have to tell you I think she's just great! Just starting to be a teenager, so mood swings abound - but we had a grand time anyway! She loves to draw, and she was moved up to Art 3 (instead of Art 2) right after school started. Love her!

As far as the paintings go, these were done on 6" x 12" canvases, and now I know why Christy likes them so - the size is just perfect for these little gals. Unfortunately, they're not the right size for me to use them for cards - so I think I'll do a little creative cropping, and I think I can make them work.


Autumn Leaves said...

Love hearing about your friend and your granddaughter. I am positive they will love these little beauties. I know I sure do!

Barbra Joan said...

Your doing so good with these,. Very creative. You really have the touch.
I recently bought a book on just such work .. called
Collage Couture by Julie Nutting.
And I did do some of the techniques posted them . Fun, lotsa fun. BJ