Thursday, July 7, 2011


12" x 16" Acrylic

I'm so worn out, working on the "box" -- I just had to take a time out and play with some paint! Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day in front of the computer. I did a search on bing for "mixed media" - and was rewarded with lots of little videos on different techniques! So, it got me all excited to get in there and try something!

This piece started out with gesso on the canvas, and drawing objects in the gesso - let it dry then play! I'm still not too happy with my results, but what I really need to do is practice, practice, practice!

So, of course, I went to Ocala today and stocked up on supplies and three new books! Good Night Nurse! You would think with all the stuff I already have, and all the books I've already read, that something would stick! Can't help it, I'm addicted to it!!!

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Autumn Leaves said...

Nancy, I think this has beautiful colors and textures.