Friday, July 8, 2011

Collage Therapy Redo

I was searching in all my piles for some collage paper, and I came across these three little collages that I did back in March, when the collage bug first hit me. I never really liked them, but I didn't know why - so I just started playing around with them, adding some paint and some stamping - and some shiny gold, of course. Now I don't hate them quite so much!

The way they were

And now.

Since it's going to rain all day - I think I will get in the studio and play some more!


Barbra Joan said...

See what a little play time can do?
Pouring here all day.. non stop, I'm playing too. not feeling 100% but it will pass... BJ

Autumn Leaves said...

Rain rain go away and come again to Sherry's to play! I love the rain! These are pretty cool, Nancy. I'm not quite sure why(and maybe it is because I've been reading on art history), but these remind me of Roman arts. I love the colors!