Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frustrating work

Ok, so now I'm at the middle of the box! And, I'm about to pull out all my hair! Didn't realize how hard it would be to try to collage around all these curly hinges! Well, actually, they're not hinges, just decorative things - but still! I was having such a good time with the bottom - it's all smooth, and just going around and around the box! And yet to come is the top -- it's got it's own set of issues! Please say a prayer for me!


Sunny said...

HAhaha! this is the best post i've read so far True artist! I love what your doing here and I wish you all the best. Cannot wait to see it finished!

Autumn Leaves said...

Despite the hinges and shape tangles, this is looking beautiful, Nancy! I do indeed wish you luck with the rest of this trunk!

Barbra Joan said...

Your doing it, Your doing it..
It's looking great.. It wouldn't be worth it if it was too easy.!