Sunday, June 6, 2010

Work of Art

Just wanted to let you know (or remind you if you do) that on Wednesday night (6/9), " Work of Art" - a reality show for artists will start airing on Bravo at 11 pm, Eastern time. There's a funny blurb about it in this week's TV Guide: "The series may sound as fun as watching paint dry to art-scene newbies, but trust us, once these creative types start crafting their masterpieces and criticizing each other, thing get crazier than Van Gogh before he sliced off his ear!" You can check it out at:


Autumn Leaves said...

Hope I get Bravo here! (I left a comment yesterday but it appears as though all the blogspot issues I was having did not allow them to come through!)

Nancy Eaton said...

Yeah, I'm with you about the nastiness - but you know, that's what they do with reality shows. I guess I'll just have to see!