Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicken Head

Remember back in May, when I did the crepe paper experiment that was supposed to be Iris and turned out to be butterflies? And, I had started a companion piece (one I hoped would be framed and hang next to them). Well, it didn't quit turn out as expected! As I was trying to find the flowers in that piece, one of my classmates exclaimed - "There's a chicken head here!"

Lo and behold - with some of the gauze, I had inadvertantly created a perfect outline of a Chicken Head! So, I tried to somehow incorporate it into the finished painting - but it just looked stupid! See?

So, we decided that maybe I will need to crop the painting - and maybe it will work like that. Just not what I wanted to do. But, we'll see. I think it will spend a lot more time in my studio. I just can't make a decision yet.


Sunny said...

LOL! I love it! It sure does look like a chicken. You had to have laughed at that. Your work is wonderful to see, i enjoy it. The way you made it work out, is great.
thank you for stopping by Free Wing. Your inspiring

Barbra Joan said...

ok I'll decide for you. Get Rid of the CHICKEN!!!

Autumn Leaves said...

I think it is one darned pretty piece, though, Nancy. I don't see a chicken head, though I do see a duck's head up top!