Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

12" x 16" Watercolor
This is another practice piece from a book by Charles Evans. I've wanted to paint it ever since I bought the book - over a year ago. I always decided not to, because I was intimidated by painting the figures on the path. I know - they're just little blobs of paint, but like buildings, I just didn't have the confidance to do it right! So, I think it did it ok - maybe I'll try something like this again!


Autumn Leaves said...

This is just simply beautiful, Nancy! Very well done!

padmaja said...

I liked the way you captured the brilliant sun. Lovely job Nancy.. I know, it is always to tricky to put the people with the right size,keeping the perspective in mind, you did a good job with it!

Sunny said...

I realy enjoy your trees. I have a hard time with that. Very pretty and upbeat