Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Practice Pieces

" The Pears"

"Old Blue Eyes"

I painted these today in Pat's class. Not every painting has to be matted and framed - I did these because I needed the practice! The pears were from a book by Brigit O'Connor, and I took the kitty from a photo on Wet Canvas. We won't have class for the next 2 weeks! I hope I can make myself paint.


Karen :) said...

I LOVE that Watercolor in Motion book! You did a wonderful job with the pears!

Ralph said...

Love the painting of the pears. I have been trying watercolour and struggling so I like this even more.

Autumn Leaves said...

Both are gorgeous pieces, Nancy. Love the primary color palette in the pear painting and that sure is one gorgeous cat!!

Sunny said...

Your cat is beautiful! It has presence