Friday, June 5, 2009

Second Sock Syndrome

Anyone who knows me knows what a short attention span I have. I paint for awhile, sew for awhile, read a little, and knit some -- all in one day! A few years ago, I started knitting socks. I love knitting socks, but I truly suffer from the "Second Sock Syndrome"!
Once I have the first sock knit, getting on with the second one takes awhile. Take, for instance the two examples above. The sock on the left was finished over a year ago - it's twin is on needles and hasn't been touched in at least 4 months. The beauty on the right is an easy sock to knit - just simple stockinette - but it's mate hasn't even been cast on yet.
But has that stopped me from starting another new sock? Of course not! In fact, I now have 4 brand new first socks on their journeys as we speak! This is definitely a sickness!


Barbra Joan said...

so you really have 2 pairs of socks, they're just different. !Thats ok ... my friend always wears 2 different earrings, For 20 years I've never seen 2 of the same earrings on her.

Eugenia Wadsworth Martin said...

We must have a relative somewhere in our past, you sound just like me. I always have a book going, tv in the background, computer on and I am always comming up with a series of paintings to do and may get one or two done. Then something else comes along. Yes I have the same sickness but life is never boring. I just say the dryer ate the mate.