Friday, June 19, 2009

Orchid Day

The Art Exchange is set, and we're all starting our paintings to share. What fun this will be! Thanks to all who are participating! This is a little 5" x 7" painting that I sent to my friend, Barbra Joan, to thank her for our wonderful outing last week. We had such fun with orchids that day! Long story short: This lady was selling beautiful full-bloom orchid plants in her shop - great discounts - so, I had to buy one! Barbra didn't. Smart lady! Once mine got home, it decided that it was finished, so started losing all it's pretty blooms! I just hope that I can keep it alive long enough to make it bloom again!


Barbra Joan said...

It'll bloom again!!! I want to post my orchid painting even though you beat me to it.

Mary Paquet said...

Love this one, Nancy. I am looking forward to receiving a painting from you. What fun!

Christine's Arts said...

Hi Nancy!
Love this orchid, it's beautiful. And your sock story below, lol. I too have many hobbies.