Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jane Market Bag

I visited Alicia Paulson's Blog yesterday, and downloaded her pattern for this cute bag -- and it's the size of all those dreary grocery bags that you can buy and use instead of plastic or paper! I sewed it up this afternoon (very easy). I've got another one cut out, and will be sewing it this weekend. I think it will be a trip to use these instead of the Walmart ones!!


Barbra Joan said...

Oh Nancy, this is too cute, but its really the fabric that makes it.!!! Love it... so now I have to get my machine out? Barbra

Jenny said...

I love the colors and fabric on this one. Made my way over here by way of the Flickr group for these bags. It looks like a great pattern. Your pictures make me want to buy it--adding to my bookmarks for later.