Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally, a clean Studio!

After much work and very sore arms, legs and back, I can finally start to paint in peace! This poor room (which is really a pretty good size) has to house everything that I do, plus everything that doesn't have another place to hide!

I have a little corner for my computer and office stuff.

And another space for everything else! As well as a miniscule closet that is filled to the brim!

It's so funny to watch the progression. When we moved into this house in 2002, the sole purpose of this room was for my quilting and sewing. I even had empty shelves in the bookcase! Fast forward 7 years, and I'm like a packrat, squirreling away everything in little boxes and cubbyholes!! But this weekend, I did purge a lot of "stuff", and I feel very clean!


Barbra Joan said...

Well just look at you!! Clean palette, clean table, clean water, clean,clean, clean. Yes I zoned in real close to examine everything. Now, get busy.
ps love your studio.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Oh... it looks FABULOUS... and very clean... go spread some paint and paper around :-)

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks, ladies! I did paint something this afternoon, but I'm not liking it, so I'll so something else tomorrow!

Eugenia Wadsworth Martin said...

Hi Nancy your studio is so cute. I have a problem getting started on a painting when I have my area so clean, I hate to mess it up. LOL
PS I am such a pack rat I have a hard time throwing anything away.