Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Villa

9" x 12" Watercolor

Today in Pat's class, she gave us each a drawing from Terry Madden. Then, we each painted our version, without looking at his painting. I really preferred painting this way, instead of trying to copy the way he paints. I do love his work, but I get frustrated when my painting doesn't look just like his. I don't like painting buildings, but I'm ok with how this one came out.

Speaking of frustrated, I have a little family of racoons living above my studio -- they are about to drive me nuts! This room was added on to the house, and there is no access to the attic here. When the "Critter Guy" came out and trapped the mama, we realized that she had hidden her babies back here, and had to let her go. He told me that she should take them out in 6-7 weeks, and then we can address the access problem. That should be soon -- I will be so glad when they leave -- all the scratching and purring is driving me crazy! We live in a very wooded area, and every year we have to put up with these critters! But, I must laugh -- if this is the most serious problem I have, I should be so lucky!

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Mary Paquet said...

Very creative interpretation. I also left you a comment on your sunflower painting. Lovely.