Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Week, Another Storm

Lilac Greeting Card
5" x 7" Watercolor

Now, we're watching Gustav (and getting some rain and wind from him) - and, Hanna's right behind! You gotta love Florida during Hurricane season! The one cool thing about Hurricanes is that you can watch it come toward you, and get some sense of when the bad weather will hit and just how bad it will be! Can't do that with Tornadoes! Of course, since I'm planning to do First Saturday, it will probably be raining and I won't be able to do my sale. That's ok, as long as the following weekend is clear for my brother and other family to visit.

Beach Scene Greeting Card

5" x 7" Watercolor

I've been painting some greeting cards today - just for fun (and maybe to sell, too). I finally got the lilacs right! I've been trying to paint them forever. And, I even like the little beach scene, too!

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