Monday, August 18, 2008

Dragonflies and Fay

8" x 10" Watercolor

Great class today! I loved painting these abstract dragonflies! I also am going to do some butterflies in the same manner -- how fun! This might be a good idea to use for painting some greeting cards. Hmmmmmmm.

For tonight, all eyes are on Tropical Storm Fay. Supposed to be upgraded to a Hurricane later - and we still aren't sure where it's going to make landfall. We're hoping that since it will only be a Category 1, it will dissapate easily when it hits land, and by the time we feel it, the winds won't be too bad, and maybe we won't lose our power. Fingers Crossed!!! We still remember too vividly the week without power during Hurricane Francis -- not a pretty sight! We now have a generator that hooks up to the circuit box that will keep our fridge, tv, ceiling fans, lights and water on. But, let me tell you, the heat and humidity will still be stiffling. Stay tuned!

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