Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Painting!

9" x 12" Watercolor
Did something make you smile (or laugh) today? Tell me about it - and maybe win this painting! All you have to do is click on "Comments" and let me know about your smile today! I'll draw from all the comments posted by next Sunday, 8/24. Here's how to comment: If you are already a blogger on this site, you know how -- but if you aren't, click on "Comments"at the end of this post, then add your message, along with your name and email address (everyone needs to do this so I can contact you when you win!). Then, click on the "Anonymous" button and follow the instructions. If you can't make this work, just email me at nbeaton@bellsouth.net, and we'll go from there!
I'll pick the winning comment on Monday, Aug. 25, and contact the winner. Good Luck!
Here's what made me smile today:

Miss Penny was in the window in my studio while I was painting. The window is almost floor level, and outside was a very busy squirrel! (He spent quite a lot of time searching for stuff, and was almost touching the window) Since the windows are tinted, the squirrel couldn't see the cat - and the cat was about to hurl herself through the window! I tell ya, if it weren't for the animals around here, we would be verrrrry bored!!!

Fay update - as you all probably know by now, she never became a hurricane, and has pretty much petered out. We'll still get rain and little winds tonight and for the next few days, but nothing scary. I'm grateful.

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Anonymous said...

This painting is awesome! I love seeing the different techniques you do each time. Thinking of you makes me smile! Love you, Serena