Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crazy Week!

First off, this is the only "art" I've been able to do during the last week!  More bookmarks made with deli paper and the Gelli printing plate.

We took a little day trip to Mount Dora on the 8th - and the girls from "Under the Cherry Blossoms" called me Sunday to let me know that they had sold quite a bit of my fabric bowls, etc. over the weekend.  Nice!  Then, on Monday, the VA Hospital called to let Bill know that he would be having cataract surgery on Friday, the 15th - and had to come to do pre-op on Wednesday, the 13th, so 2 of our days for last week were spent cooling our heels at the VA!

I had been trying to sew more bowls and things for Mount Dora - and they contacted me again on Saturday to let me know that a lot more things had been selling - and now it's critical that I send more stuff down! Oh, what a burden!  (Tongue in cheek!)  So, this weekend has been spent making things that are not art - but sewing.  I feel like a hamster in a wheel!  But, it's all good - hopefully, I can get caught up, and then I can get some new artwork done to send down there!  I'm scheduled to do a collage class there on March 2, but haven't gotten enough students signed up, so that may not be a go.  Back to the sewing machine I go!


Barbra Joan said...

hey, quitcha bellyachin'.
Great that your doing so good.. You've hit on a good place, they'll get to know your name and then you'll be giving out autographs, !!!
Hope the surgery goes well, I had it, and its not too bad except for putting drops and more drops in the eyes... See ya BJ

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Hi Nancy, Just gave you a blog award, hopefully it'll bring new viewers to all our blogs. Check it out on my blog here.